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Introduce Yourself  


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20/10/2019 2:54 am  

We have a lot of new members, please take a moment to post a quick introduction here and welcome new members.

Here is my intro to kick things off:

Hi I'm Jenilee. I am the founder of Cranberry Geek Club. I made this club to meet other geeks and gamers in the area. My boyfriend Justin helps me to run this club. I love Anime, Kdrama, Asian Balljointed Dolls, Cosplay, and everything Kawaii. I mostly enjoy shoujo and josei anime, but also like some seinen. I'm not a huge fan of shounen, but a lot of our members love it so we do watch it (as well as other genres) in our meetings.

I've been playing video games since the Atarii, and still have all my retro games, as well as the next gen games too. I also like PC games and have over 800 steam games, plus other games not part of steam network. My favorite genres are RPG, Otome, Visual Novel, and Simulation. I also play a lot of mobile games too even though a lot of people may not consider them "real games". I like them, especially gacha dressup games with limited events/items like CocoPPaPlay and Line Play, or ones where I can collect cute cards/cute characters like Love Live, Idol Master, Bang Girl's Band Party, Utapri, etc. In our club meetings of course we play more multiplayer games that we can all enjoy together and board games too.

My lifelong dream is to visit Japan someday. Mostly so I can shop for Dolls and Kawaii things. I also want to see the cherry or wisteria blossoms, visit all the "cafes" cat cafes, dog cafes, rabbit cafes, anime and manga cafes, go to the squirrel forest, cat island, deer park, and visit the japanese hotsprings.

I also love blogging, web design, SEO, social media, photo and video design and editing, graphic design, I work for a small company doing all of these things, and also have several hobby blogs and sites in my free time.

In addition to this site here I also developed and maintain the following sites and blogs: - Girls games on android - my main blog where I review games, anime, toys, technology, etc - a blog about wedding, event, and party planning, mostly with ideas for decorations, colors, and themes - a blog about positive thinking, Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, etc.

(some of these sites may be offline at the moment as I am migrating servers)

I look forward to meeting everyone, and really hope you can come to our events, or at least join us chatting here in the forums.