Cranberry Geek Club COVID19 Corona Virus Update

Hello all – I hope you are well and staying healthy and staying safe. I have gotten a lot of questions about what is going to happen and when our next meetup is going to occur. So I wanted to take a moment to make an official announcment.

Due to precautions felt necessary at this time, and also due to my own illness – I do not think I have COVID19 but I have been denied testing due to no fever – but I have had a sinus/cold/flu a really really bad one – for a week now — and out of need for precautions for my own health and that of our members we sadly will not be having a March meetup.

We will return and be better than ever. – but for now I urge you to stay home, stay safe. Don’t go out and most of all stay calm. Play games, read manga, watch anime, craft, play with dolls, spend time with family, but most of all just stay indoors and avoid spreading or contracting the new virus. There are already 3 confirmed cases in Allegheny and surrounding areas. We need to follow orders to self isolate and help contain this virus.

In other news I am getting animal crossing on release date. We can have up to 8 people on one island or visit each other’s islands. I’ll be posting how to join on launch day once I figure it all out 🙂 We can do virtual “meetups” from home playing various online games or having watch parties 🙂 Let me know if there’s any interest and I’ll see what I can do!

Stay well – see you all soon!

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