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Asian Balljointed Dolls

We are recast friendly. Come share all of your asian balljointed dolls - whether they are recast or legit. Also we aren't picky if your dolls are resin, vinyl, ABS, Plastic, etc. This is intended for Asian brands of dolls, some examples include Ouneifs, Chinabjd, Mirodoll, Smartdoll, Volks, Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, Obitsu, Pullip, Blythe, Azone, Pure Neemo, Ex*cute, Takara Tomy, Jenny, Licca, Little Mimi, Crobidolls, Dreamfairy, Fairyland, Dream of Doll, Iplehouse, Luts, Dollzone, Peakswoods, Latidoll, etc. Not limited to that list, but those are some popular dolls found in this category.

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